1. Launch Social Media Pages (Awareness)

Spring 2022

Launch Twitter, Discord, and Instagram accounts and share NFT Egg Drop project with stories related to each NFT. The goal is to create awareness of endangered animals and the Egg Adopt NFT project.

2. Drop 1: Original Egg Adopt Collection (Creation)

Spring 2022

Create Exclusive Limited-Edition Egg Drop Collection of 22 original NFTs to promote the conservation of endangered animals. This collection may serve as the model for future computer-generated collections and will set the knowledge-base for the Egg Adopt narratives.

3. NFT Game and Giveaway (Giveaways)

Spring 2022

Create NFT giveaways/raffles within various social media platforms as well as role-playing story-based games.

4. Drop 2: Computer-Generated Egg Adopt Collection (Creation)

Summer/Fall 2022

Drop of computer-generated collection based on the original Egg Adopt NFTs.

5. Donation to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (Donation)

Ongoing as NFTs are sold

Donate 20% of proceeds to the WWF, a nonprofit with more than 50 years of experience with "a mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth."

6. Partnership Development (Partnerships)


Search and form partnerships to further the Egg Adopt project.